About Us

We want to revolutionize the world of education

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Mark Odinson

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ali m. ridha

academy director

Because the worst thing that happens to our educational journey is losing the spark of curiosity we once had. We go through bland classes and memorize unpractical information only to pass tests. The system itself gradually took the will to learn away from us.

We argue that the essential solution to almost all of the world’s problems is good education. It develops a sensible awareness that brings more clarity into our life. Which in turn helps us do everything a little more consciously, and a little more lovingly. That is the kind of future we’d like to have. iCosmos Academy is actively working towards it.

Our Academy will focus on providing the best education possible. We can’t guarantee that everything will be amazing. However, we can promise to bring your educators, instructors, trainers that not only love what they do but are passionate about it. And being passionate about something happens when you actively apply the information you know to your life and see results. We want that for you.

Our Vision
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Our Mission
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Industry Experts

Meet The Instructors

John Aston
Web Development Instructor
Erika Mina
Mobile Development Instructor
Amy Rose
Machine Learning Instructor
Adrian Cruz
Data Science Instructor